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Customer Testimonials

  • We are now enjoying a great night's sleep thanks to your FROLI system....Your FROLI system has solved all of our problems with our hard and wet mattress. Thank you!

    Jim & Lucia S.

  • Love your system! I was going to buy a new mattress. Instead I tried your Froli system. Same old bunk cushions, and they feel like a bed! Incredible difference! And much more convenient.
    Not to mention a lot cheaper than a full mattress every four years…

    Ray J.
    Columbia 50 Sailboat

  • I wanted to Thank You and thank your staff at Nickle Atlantic for the prompt processing and shipping of my two orders, and the earlier phone order for the STAR Sleep System.

    Steve B.

  • The Froli system made a significant improvement to the beds, and for the first time in six years, she is happy! The Hallberg Rassy Swedish foam mattresses are very firm, too firm, but with the Froli beneath, she has tuned the beds to perfection! She has a spinal disk injury, and the bed now is very comfortable. Thanks!

    David F.
    Hallberg Rassy 39 Sailboat

  • Finally a product that lives up to its "advertising"!!

    Mike & Susan N.

  • Thanks very much for all your help and great service. I have demonstrated your system, which I just love, to everyone that comes on board and will ensure they appreciate your company's level of service.

    Steve F.

  • We have slept for a week now on the Frolis in the V-berth, and are extremely happy with them. The feeling of "sleeping on a rock" is completely gone--the 3" cushion in the V-berth feels (and sleeps) like a real mattress.

    Bob C.