Need help deciding which system is best for you? For answers to your questions and to order please call us at 888.463.7654 toll-free or 843.972.9500 (local)

Need help deciding which system is best for you? For answers to your questions and to order please call us at 888.463.7654 toll-free or 843.972.9500 (local)

Frequent Questions


▼How does it work?

The FROLI Sleep System is clipped together and placed underneath your cushions or mattress. The springs sit independently on the clipped-together base grid. This provides for independent suspension and support as the springs flex individually and adapt to your body weight and movements.

The flexing movements and the air space between the springs create an articulating air-flow surface. Your body is cushioned, yet comfortably supported.

Can I use the FROLI springs with my existing mattress?

Yes, the FROLI Sleep System forms a support base that is simply placed underneath your existing cushions or mattress, similarly to a box-spring foundation.

What type of mattress do you recommend?

The FROLI works great with a foam mattress with a minimum thickness of 3-4 inches, up to 6-7 inches. Many customers use a 3” foam with 2” Memory Foam topper. It also works great with Latex or Memory Foam mattresses.

We recommend medium firm foam according to your personal preference. Foam made for seating areas, however, might be fine for short naps but will likely be too firm to comfortably adapt to the sleeping body for extended periods of time.

Tip: Pay attention to the density of the foam. This means the weight, not the firmness. Heavier, higher density, foam means more material, less air; it will be more durable and longer lasting.

Will your system work with an innerspring mattress?

FROLI Sleep Systems are designed for use with any foam, memory foam combinations, or latex mattresses. FROLI elements underneath a heavy innerspring mattress will aid in moisture mitigation and will function as a box-spring but may offer reduced "feel" of the cushioning support because of the existing mattress' springs.

How can I fit this into my irregular bed shape?

Because of its modular nature our FROLI Travel model works especially well in any bed shape including v-berths and beds with angles or curves. In addition to the regular, square spring elements, smaller, half-sized springs are available for precisely fitting the system into any shape.

How high does the FROLI System raise my mattress?

Our Travel model has the lowest installed height of 1 3/8" = 33 mm.
The Star model installs a little taller at 1 3/4" = 43 mm.
The Zona model uses baffle type springs and is the tallest with an installed height of 2 3/8" = 60 mm.

How can I access my storage lockers under the bed?

The grid of base elements does not need to be clipped together over the entire bed area. Separate sections may be created for easy removal and convenient access to storage lockers. Sometimes it’s useful to screw or Velcro the springs to locker lids for easy access, just lift the lid with springs attached!

Do I need to screw the FROLI system down?

No, the base elements with their attached springs are simply placed in "floating" fashion as a foundation under the cushion or mattress. It is not necessary to permanently attach the FROLI springs to the base surface.

Why are there different colored springs?

The light blue or light grey springs are softer and we recommended placing these in the shoulder area (rows 3 and 4 from the top). This allows the shoulder to sink in deeper, which helps achieve a better spinal alignment, particularly for side sleepers.

What are the red tension clips for, and do I need them?

Perfect for adding lumbar support, these red cloverleaf like clips increase the firmness of regular sized, dark blue/ dark grey spring elements. We include a select quantity of clips with all kits (except ½ size FROLI Travel Expansion Packs, where they would not fit the spring).

These clips are an additional feature to help customize your comfort. You might be perfectly comfortable without adding clips, however.

How much do I need to order for my bed?

For ease of ordering, we have created standard kits to fit most common bed sizes. We usually start out with one basic "Bed in the Box" kit (combine 2 of these for a queen bed) and add Expansion Packs (12 or 6 pcs. kits) or single elements to match the bed size.

We will be happy to determine your requirements and provide guidance for choosing the product that's right for you. You may also describe the shape of your bed and submit the dimensions via our contact page and we will get in touch with you. Or, just give us a call at 888-463-7654.

You may also download a template and draw in your bed size and shape. Then, count the springs needed to fit your space and combine kits to achieve the required number of springs. Remember to use the dimensions from the bottom of your mattress since they might be different than the mattress top, i.e. some boat beds have beveled side walls.

How long do the springs last?

FROLI Systems have been around since the mid-90s and easily last 10+ years. All FROLI products meet the stringent safety testing requirements by the LGA Institute of Nuremberg, Germany and have been awarded the GS certificate for product safety.

What material are FROLI springs made of?

Our springs are made of a thermoplastic elastomer, a hi-tech material with a memory effect that allows for precise flexing under load while returning to its original shape at rest.